• Here at Rachael Phillips Photography, I offer a personal service on all my products, with attention to detail and the quality of the product, this is one of the reasons customers continue to come back and order from me year after year.

    I work closely with the companies I choose to work with to produce specialist wall art for your home or office, everything is made to order.

    Crystal clear, ultra-high clarity Acrylic Prints are the perfect choice for modern homes, galleries, and even your workspaces. Acrylic Photo Prints make a fantastic alternative to traditionally framed products, with no frame around the image your photograph takes centre stage. Clean, sleek edges and a high-gloss, contemporary finish are the hallmarks of this stunning product.

  • The Acrylic print is available in both rectangular and circular

    The circular crop allows for some truly unique display options, creating beautiful acrylic wall art that stands out from the crowd. Sleek edges and a crystal clear, high-gloss finish are the hallmarks of this stunning product. Due to this clarity and depth, the properties of your photograph are intensified when mounted under acrylic, the product highlights vivid colours and adds depth to shadows.


  • Hanging devices included along with stand offs allowing the product to appear floating from the wall.

  • N E W

    The Tray Frame is a stunning new addition to our Wall Art range which features three distinct finishing options. 
    It's an open frame that surrounds your image with a narrow gap between the solid wood frame and image creating the impression your picture is levitating. There are three finishing options to choose from, allowing you the creative freedom to produce a stunning piece of gallery standard wall art that is perfect for your style of photography. Choose from Crystal Archive Photographic, exquisite Fine Art, or high-impact HD Acrylic.


    16" X 16" £229 16" X 16" £299 12" £169
    20" X 20" £269 20" X 16" £319 16" £249
    24" X 16" £269 24" X 16" £389 20" £349
    24" X 24" £339 24" X 24" £479 30" £499
    30" X 20" £379 30" X 20" £599 40" £599
    36" X 24" £499 36" X 24" £660 ------
    30" X 30" £499 30" X 30" £690 ------
    40" X 30" £579 40" X 30" £829 ------
    40" X 40" £649 ------ ------
    60" X 40" £739 60" X 40" £1069. ------
  • All prices are an add on price to your package at time of viewing and not a single PURCHASE