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Big day!

Ian & Jo got married at Colwick Hall Hotel in Nottingham. As we all know, it has been a challenging time for everybody this past 18 months, and my work area was unfortunately affected.
I have been so excited to get back into the swing of things, and what better way to return than to my dear friends’ wedding.

Jo and I caught up with each other a few years back when she mentioned she was due to get married and hoping to use my services.

I couldn’t have been more honoured to have been asked and was super pleased to be able to share a special day with a friend.
Of course, due to the unfortunate events we have seen over the past year or so, Jo & Ian’s wedding had to be postponed a few times before finally securing a date for July 23rd 2021, and it was honestly worth the wait!


Colwick Hall dates back to the 11th century and was recorded in the Domesday Book, it’s a historic Georgian country house dating back to the Saxon era.

bride and groom a portrait shot by the fountain
colwick hall wedding in nottingham

I arrived there slightly earlier on the day, just so I could catch up with the bride and the bridal party before the big day commenced. I was even able to see two of Jo’s nieces whom I hadn’t seen for a few years and, who were bridesmaids to their auntie.
Though the day started without a hitch, it was a typical British summer’s day; warm, sticky & muggy! This meant some improvisation from a bridesmaid who had to do what a girl has to do sometimes: a desktop fan placed under the dress was just it. Can’t say I haven’t been there myself.
Jo chose two lovely ladies from Blush Moments to apply the bridal makeup for herself & the bridesmaids. They all looked incredible and I was thrilled to capture those moments for her before making Her way down the aisle.

Joanne & Ian didn’t forget to include a treasured family member, who sadly could not share their special day with them. Ian’s late mother sadly passed not long before the wedding so, as a special tribute, the granddaughter of this very missed lady wore her Nan’s thumbprint around her neck on a beautiful heart chain. A touching moment on a day that will never be forgotten.
As the captivating bride made her way down the aisle next to her sister Sal, music was played by the harpist Liath Hollins.
The couple chose the most gorgeous flowers from Bennington Blooms, which added nothing but beauty to this wonderful scene.
I know I said it before but, I was just so thankful to be able to witness this genuine love and a new bond form for the most lovely couple.

One of my favourite shots of the Bride & Groom together came from a funny character of the groom’s party, he had known the groom for many years. He even earned himself the nickname “where’s Wally” on the day, as his humorous antics created a great laugh and helped capture an intimate moment between Joanne & Ian.

As the day progressed and the evening crept in, many more laughs and memories were had. There was a slight glitch and delay with the live band, nevertheless, I was still able to capture the happiness in between.


Though one of the groomsmen may have to disagree, seeing as he thought he could get away with taking a quick nap in the back of the car, it was the perfect opportunity for me to capture some flycatching!

With the evening in full flow, I had some great ‘behind the scenes help from guests with the veil toss. I even had a mini admirer, who couldn’t believe I could make it look like he was flying with a very simple camera trick (that trick is getting him to jump off a step, and capturing him before he touched the floor), he was absolutely amazed! If only we could all feel as much happiness with the simplest things.

The entertainment continued with casino tables, magic mirrors and plenty of dancing! I was absolutely knackered by the end of the day but, was left with the biggest smile on my face.
It was my perfect entrance back into work.

Congratulations to the perfect couple Jo & Ian and, thank you so much for choosing me…