Here at Rachael Phillips Photography, I offer a personal service on all my products, with attention to detail and the quality of the product, this is one of the reasons customers continue to come back and order from me year after year.

    I work closely with the companies I choose to work with to produce specialist wall art for your home or office, everything is made to order.


    Beautiful and simplistic Canvas Wraps to bespoke, hand-crafted Canvas Tray Frames, here is a stunning array of Canvas Wall Art to suit every budget.

    This traditional photographic canvas has always been a winner amongst photographers and families. They are the perfect addition to any Wedding or Photography package and will forever be the ideal gift for loved ones, friends, and family. Printed using the very best HD Inks, and combined with a fine Polycotton Canvas, these simple wall products will remain a firm favourite and adorn the walls of homes and businesses for years to come.
  • Professional Canvas Wrap

    These are printed on high quality 400gsm White Cotton Canvas using archival inks on our professional Giclee printer.

    Once printed, the professional canvas wrap is sealed with a protective laminate and stretched around a wooden frame.

    The laminate makes the canvas splash-proof and eliminates the cracking of the ink down the edge of the canvas print. This fault can occur if the canvas print has been varnished or has no protection at all. In addition, the laminate provides extra UV protection against fading, so increasing the longevity of your image.

    This product provides you with a canvas print that has the best archival qualities currently available on the market and meets the standards of galleries and museums.

    The Canvas Wrap is finished on the back with framer’s tape and protective felt disks which stop the canvas rubbing on paintwork. The product is easy to hang with a brass hanging fixing on the reverse of the canvas.

  • These are the gorgeous Canvas Tray Frame

    These are becoming quite popular lately and are just stunning!
    It is left open without glass with a Matte Canvas Print sitting flush with the front of the solid wood frame for a beautifully minimalist feel.
    A shadow gap is left between the inside edge of the Tray Frame and the side of the canvas creating a more dramatic version of the negative space provided by a traditional mount.


    In addition to our standard 35mm deep canvas Tray Frame, we also offer the Canvas Tray Frame in a 50mm deep super chunky option. Add a completely new dimension to the product by super-sizing your frame to one of the new moldings.


    12" X 10" £149 ------ ------
    12" X 12" £149 ------ ------
    16" X 12" £179 16" X 12" £229 16" X 12" £279
    16" X 16" £219 ------ ------
    20" X 16" £239 20" X 16" £289 20" X 16" £339
    20" X 20" £249 ------ ------
    24" X 16" £249 24" X 16" £289 24" X 16" £339
    24" X 24" £299 ------ ------
    24" X 20" £279 24" X 20" £349 24" X 20" £399
    30" X 30" £319 ------ ------
    30" X 20" £319 30" X 20" £439 30" X 20" £489
    36" X 36" £399 ------ ------
    36" X 24" £419 36" X 24" £539 36" X 24" £589
    40" X 30" £469 40" X 30" £599 40" X 30" £649
  • All prices are an add on price to your package at time of viewing and not a single PURCHASE