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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    Absolutely! I actively encourage prospective clients to take a look at my portfolio to get a good idea of my style of work. A selection of my wedding images are available to view here on my website. I also post regularly on my Facebook and Instagram. If you would like to view my work in person then I have a few sample Folio wedding album, please let me know and we can arrange a meeting.
    Yes, a deposit of £99 is payable when you confirm your booking (which reserves your wedding date), this is non-refundable. The balance is then due 4 weeks before your wedding day.
    Absolutely! I give all my clients a photography contract agreement that confirms your booking, dates, times, payments and terms.
    First and foremost, you should feel comfortable. I usually advise my clients to avoid large logos, brands and loud patterns. Items that crease easily should also be avoided. Furthermore, shots look great when the couple are wearing clothing of a similar style and colour palette. I am happy to offer guidance here if required.
    Once you’ve decided to engage my services, if it's at a face to face meeting we can complete the paperwork, if it's online I'll send you a secure link to a private booking form and when that's been completed I'll have the information needed for your contract. Once the contract has been signed and the deposit paid you'll have booked your wedding date! Payments can be made by bank transfer, Paypal, cash or I can now take payment via a contactless machine.
    Absolutely! They are very popular and most of my clients choose to have them. I offer a bespoke range of beautiful Folio wedding albums, if you would like to see a sample please get in touch to arrange a viewing. I also find a lot of my clients also like to have something else to showcase their photos like our beautiful folio boxes and wall art to hang in there home.
    If you're having a pre-wedding photoshoot then absolutely! If you're not having a pre-wedding photoshoot we could always meet up for a tea and a chat, this isn't always possible but we can still build up a relationship via messages/emails/video call, whatever works.
    As a photographer, I retain the copyright, but I give you the licence (as stated in the wedding contract) to use the photos as you wish from the USB for personal use only, including making prints. You may use also them on social media if the images are credited. I also ask that I can use some on social media and my website but this is wholly dependent on your explicit permission and a privacy form will be sent out to you. This is an opt-in or opt-out form, it also informs you how I will use the information you give to me.
    I encourage all my couples to relax and let loose on their wedding day, to embrace whatever the day may throw at them, to laugh until their stomach's ache, to dance until their feet hurt and enjoy every moment because those make the best memories. Capturing your wedding is one of the most important ways to tell the story of your love and one that I'm extremely honoured to be part of. Your wedding day forever captured in beautiful photographs will be something you will treasure forever! Don't worry about the dress, it will get dirty at some point and guys, you may even split your pants - yes, it has happened before and yes I did capture it, haha but these make the best memorable images that will turn in to wonderful memories. In years to come when looking back at your photo's, I promise you will say 'WE HAD THE BEST DAY EVER!' I also love those photos you didn't know I'd taken, raw genuine emotions and hilarious moments!


    It all depends on your chosen package, typically on a full day - I will arrive around halfway through the bridal prep and I will stay to capture your first dance, which is usually around 8 pm. I will then leave to party the night away unless you require me to stay longer to capture the evening fun? I'm happy to quote for that extra coverage.
    Yes, the majority of the time, unless a second shooter is requested. I aim to be a friend at your wedding whilst also being your photographer. Shooting alone allows me to remain unobtrusive and to go unnoticed for the majority of the day.
    No! I'm more than happy to bring along my own lunch or nip out for a bite. That said, if the food was available for me on your wedding day then I would greatly appreciate it.
    Yes, I always have additional cameras and lenses, along with extra batteries, memory cards, lighting gear, and anything else I think might come in handy on your wedding day.
    Typically, at some stage of the day, there will be a break in the rain though, so if an opportunity presents itself, I may drag you outside for a few quick pictures. Unless of course, you don't mind getting wet, as in that case we just carry on taking photographs as normal! Don't be too scared of the rain as it can make for beautiful photos. If it’s throwing it down outside we can find a nice place to light up inside and take any of the formal portraits that you require there instead.
    I’ll work with you to understand what group shots you would like and how these are best scheduled for your day. Just to give you an idea, I'd say allow 2-5 minutes for each group photo, typically I would try to take all of your group pictures within half an hour. I recommend you limit the amount to around 10 group pictures, as any more than that can end up eating into your precious time. It's entirely up to you though so if you want more or fewer group shots then that is fine.


    Yes, Following your wedding day, I go through all photos ensuring that you have a good variety of quality pictures that tell the story of your day. I always focus on delivering quality rather than quantity.
    I aim to have all your photos ready within 5-8 weeks. Albums and other wall art products might will be slightly longer.
    I know you will be super excited to see them, I will aim to get a sneaky peek to you within 48hours after your wedding. I upload your images to a private online gallery where you, your friends, and your family can log in and see your photographs. Once you have viewed the gallery and have confirmed you're happy I'll post or hand-deliver your USB, ALBUM or any ARTWORK you've ordered to you.

  • I fully understand that choosing your wedding photographer is a massive decision and I want to ensure that you feel secure when making a booking with me, so if you have any questions then I am always available to chat. Just head over to my contact form here and let me know how I can help.
    I have only touched on the basic details on this page, so if you like we can arrange a meeting to have a chat about your wedding plans and we can go over how I work in more detail too.

    Hope to hear from you soon