• Here at Rachael Phillips Photography, I offer a personal service on all my products, with attention to detail and the quality of the product, this is one of the reasons customers continue to come back and order from me year after year.

    I work closely with the companies I choose to work with to produce specialist wall art for your home or office, everything is made to order.
    The dedication to providing the finest picture frames available starts with sourcing the very best, sustainable frame mouldings and combining them with stunning archival mount boards to provide the perfect framing options for our unrivalled C-Type Photographic or Fine Art Giclee prints.

  • Gallery Anti-Reflective Acrylic

    Provide a strikingly distinct finish with the new anti-reflective acrylic options on all of the frames. Often referred to as ‘Museum Acrylic’, this specialist photographic acrylic is ideal for use in galleries, exhibitions and the home, eliminating irritating glare which detracts from the viewing experience.
    To opt for Anti – Reflective Acrylic simply let me know when ordering your frame.


    Feature multiple images from a shoot in a number of eye-catching frame options and layout designs

    Below are a few layout options

  • N E W

    The Coastal Frame is an elegant and contemporary addition to our Wall Art Range. A-frame within a frame, the Coastal offers a truly unique finishing option to your image. Featuring an outer surround and an internal frameset back from the glaze, the Coastal has a wide recess between the two, adding stunning negative space around the image and drawing the eye toward the print set within the inner frame. The solid wood Coastal Frame has a sleek, woodgrain finish and is available in a number of colour options providing a range of options to compliment your photography.
    Like all of our Wall Art, the Coastal Frame is handmade by highly trained and experienced framers.

  • N E W

    The Tray Frame is a stunning new addition to our Wall Art range which features three distinct finishing options. 
    It's an open frame that surrounds your image with a narrow gap between the solid wood frame and image creating the impression your picture is levitating.
    There are three finishing options to choose from, allowing you the creative freedom to produce a stunning piece of gallery standard wall art that is perfect for your style of photography.
    Choose from Crystal Archive Photographic, exquisite Fine Art, or high-impact HD Acrylic.

  • This is a double cut mount

    A double mount goes around the print, it consists of two pieces of mountboard, laid one on top of the other, with one cut slightly larger than the other leaving a subtle contrasting line around the image being framed and a ‘stepped’ effect.

    Choosing a double cut mount for your frame leads your eye into the photo helping to accentuate the framing.

  • This is a standard single cut mount

    As standard, all Frames come with a single, acid-free mount that goes around the print.
    A window mount in your frame serves two purposes; they prevent the photograph from touching the glaze whilst also creating a visual space between the subject matter and the frame, helping to make your art stand out on the wall.
    There is an option to change the mount colour in other colours below  if requested or it will come in white as standard.



    32" X 14" £ 499 30" X 24" £ 499 24" X 24" £349 10" X 8" £189 16" X 16" £395 16" X 16" £260
    36" X 14" £549 40" X 31" £549 30" X 30" £499 12" X 10" £199 20" X 20" £435 20" X 20" £320
    ------ ------ ------ 16" X 12" £249 24" X 16" £425 24" X 16" £320
    ------ ------ ------ 20" X 16" £289 25" X 24" £475 24" X 24" £449
    ------ ------ ------ 24" X 20" £359 30" X 20" £470 30" X 20" £449
    ------ ------ ------ 24" X 16" £399 ------ 36" X 24" £550
    ------ ------ ------ 30" X 20" £449 ------ 30" X 30" £499
    ------ ------ ------ 36" X 24" £549 ------ 40" X 30" £630
    ------ ------ ------ 36" X 36" £639 ------
    ------ ------ ------ 40" X 30" £659 ------ 60" X 40" £999
    ------ ------ ------ ------

    Double cut mount

    extra £12 - £65 depending on size

    Gallery Anti-Reflective Acrylic

    extra £12 - £100 depending on size


  • M O U N T S

    Shown below are all single mounts, but all are available in double too.

  • All prices are an add on price to your package at time of viewing and not a single PURCHASE