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    Thanks for popping by!

    My name is Rachael i'm a professional photographer and beautician living in Mansfield, Nottingham.

    I love family time, great friends and cups of tea!! I hope your sat comfortably with a brew?

    Anyone that knows me will know I try to seek perfection in everything I do and I work with the vision that your photographs will be seen by the future generations of your family and friends. I have always loved capturing those special moments that sometimes you just never realised it at the time. We as a family will often have a flick through old photos and have a good old gilggle, with a few awh’s! ' every photo is a memory!' I often wish that i had the photo opportunities around now-a-days when my children were little, even down do a good old snap chat filter... i love it <3

    I've been happily married to my husband and best friend Dan for over sixteen years now. We have four beautiful children - two of each! that i’m amazingly proud of, they are all growing up to be hardworking amazing people with big hearts. 

    I also work for myself doing nails and beauty which i have been doing that for over nine years now. I have a fantastic client base and i love how both of my jobs work well together, around me and my family.

    I cover everything from Weddings to Newborns - I don’t pretend to know it all, far from it! but i do love to be creative, Everyday can bring a new challenge; and boy do i love that challenge!

    I have always had a keen interest in Photography. I was and still am that annoying mum (to my children ;) ) with a camera, snapping away, I just genuinely enjoy capturing moments. 

    I like discovering ways to further perfect my photography art and business, to make my photographs even more beautiful to anyone that sees them. I have been on a quite few courses and i'm always keen to learn more. It's the kind of art where your always trying new ways to create that 'wow' factor, that moment that will stick in your mind forever.

    I’ve been doing Photography for over five years now and i can honestly say i do absolutely love my job! I love bringing tears of joy to families and putting a smile on peoples faces. I consider myself very honoured to be apart of so many magical and precious moments, who wouldn't love that?

    It doesn't matter what I'm photographing, It my be your wedding day or a newborn, I want to make your photographs the most beautiful, meaningful collection of memories you’ll ever have,

    Because you only get one chance!

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. If you have any questions or perhaps you just want to say hi please feel free to message me on my contacts page or through my Facebook page.

    Rachael x

  • Every photograph I capture i believe is a privilege! To be allowed into a person’s life, to share and capture those memories, and the emotions at that moment in time. I feel truly privileged to be trusted to capture these memories.