• BUTTERFLY storybook

    Butterfly storybooks are just stunning!
    Here at Rachael Phillips Photography, I offer a personal service on all my products, with attention to detail and the quality of the product, this is one of the reasons customers continue to come back and order from me year after year.

    I work closely with the companies I choose to work with to produce specialist wall art for your home or office, everything is made to order.
    The dedication to providing the finest picture frames available starts with sourcing the very best, sustainable frame mouldings and combining them with stunning archival mount boards to provide the perfect framing options for our unrivalled C-Type Photographic or Fine Art Giclee prints.

  • S H O W C A S E   P H O T O S    I N    S T Y L E 

    This Butterfly storybook are just stunning! with the look, feel and quality of our albums.
    These give you a story in two or three portraits, So perfect if you're struggling to choose just one photo.
    Three photos are chosen to be printed on the very best paper with HD technology, they are then mounted on your choice of material, there are around 80 options.

    You can also choose your finished photo look too, so that's a full photo with no frame, a frame-mounted photo or acrylic photo finish, All three must be the same finish.

    These are just perfect almost anywhere!
    a fireplace, a sideboard unit, a bedside table or even your office and if you need to storage then they fold away beautifully and fit on a bookshelf just like a book, perfect!


    6" X 6" £65.00 6" X 6" £65.00 +£10
    8" X 8" £75.00 8" X 8" £75.00 +£10
    8" X 10" £85.00 8" X 10" £85.00 +£10

    6" X 6" £70.00 6" X 6" £80.00 6" X 6" £110.00 +£10
    7" X 7" £85.00 7" X 7" £95.00 7" X 7" £125.00 +£10
    8" X 8" £95.00 8" X 8" £105.00 8" X 8" £135.00 +£10
    8" X 12" £95.00 8" X 12" £105.00 8" X 12" £135.00 +£10
  • T E X T_O N_T H E_F R O N T

  • D E B O S S I N G

    A time-honed and meticulous process.
    Debossing is also known as blocking, blind blocking or block stamping but it’s all the same satisfying, tactile finish. Traditional methods are used to imprint letters into the cover, stamping your text without the need for ink or foil.

    Suitable for:  Suede | Leatherette 

  • U V _O V E R P R I N T

    UV Overprint is a method that allows the printers to go directly onto the material in either black or white, It provides a smooth and flawless finish.

    Suitable for: Linen | Leatherette  

  • F O I L

    A stunning finish using the same imprinting methods of debossing but rather than leaving the blocking nude we press metallic foil into the indentation.
    Available in Matte Gold, Rose Gold and Silver.

    Suitable for:  Linen | Leatherette 

  • P A P E R _ F I N I S H

  • T H E _F I N I S H

    A stunning, natural photographic finish with subtle colours and a slightly stippled texture.
    The Lustre/matt option is a very versatile paper, working well with all photographic images.

    Beautiful colour representation and incredibly detailed in highlights and shadow areas. Due to its lack of a sheen (unlike Gloss Papers) it makes the perfect choice for album prints as it avoids any additional glare and is less easily marked by fingerprints.

  • C O M I N G _ S O O N

    COMING SOON – rag option -  The hand-deckled option adds a new dimension to your prints with a beautiful feathered edge, creating a subtle definition between print and matt.


  • All prices are an add on price to your package at time of viewing and not a single PURCHASE