• Here at Rachael Phillips Photography, I offer a personal service on all my products, with attention to detail and the quality of the product, this is one of the reasons customers continue to come back and order from me year after year.

    I work closely with the companies I choose to work with to produce specialist wall art and prints for your home or office, everything is made to order.

    I believe that having a beautifully printed photograph deserves to be displayed using only the best quality products from pro printers.
    The prints are already to a high-standard professional print, but you can upgrade to a fine art print.


    “Fine art”, “museum-quality”, “archival-quality”
    They are all terms you may have heard of as you explore the world of photography and see photographers talk about their prints.
    But what does this really mean? The short version is a fine art print is a very high-quality print – of the same quality that a museum or gallery would print work at for display.
    There are two things that make a print a fine art one... Fine art prints made with acid-free fine art paper have a lifespan of over a hundred years and usually don't fade, crack or turn yellow. Fine art paper has to meet certain quality criteria in order to be considered fine art paper. Fine art prints are highly sought after by photographers and artists when they select a paper for their clients.
    Fine art prints are made with high-quality archival inks on acid-free fine art papers using a high-resolution large format printer.
    These are also known as fine art giclee prints. 

  • M A T T E D _ F R A M E D

    Finish your print with style and elegance by having them as a Matted Print.
    These are something that truly compliments your photographs, they Provide a strikingly different option to show off and display your photos.
    Matted Prints are supplied mounted to an archival 2mm card mount back as standard, colour options are available.

    B O A R D _  M O U N T E D  

    Your photographs will be mounted and then laminated onto a card as standard but could also be mounted onto PVC.
    They are 2mm thick as a standard but are available in different thicknesses and finishes.


    5" X 7" £20 5" X 7" £20 5" X 7" £18 5" X 7" £29
    9" X 6" £20 9" X 6" £25 9" X 6" £25 9" X 6" £38
    10" X 8" £25 10" X 8" £25 10" X 8" £25 10" X 8" £40
    12" X 10" £25 12" X 10" £30 12" X 10" £30 12" X 10" £49
    18" X 12" £30 18" X 12" £35 18" X 12" £35 18" X 12" £57
    20" X 15" £30 20" X 15" £35 20" X 15" £35 20" X 15" £58
  • All prices are an add on price to your package at time of viewing and not a single PURCHASE