Mini sessions
      A warm welcome to my website, I'm a Wedding, Newborn and family photographer based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

    • I am happy to be doing my very first Mummy and Me mini session for 2021.

      I know all too well the importance of having photos, photos to cherish and look back on.
      As a parent, we are always behind our phone's taking little snapshots of our little ones but its very rare we are in them.
      we always make up an excuse, don't we?
      I know I'm not the only one, but Mum's, we NEED to exist more in photographs!

    • It is time you had a beautiful family photo, Not only for you but for your children to treasure forever.

    • Family photography is so important, because children feel an increased sense of belonging when they see themselves in pictures with their family, and loved ones, and one day, these precious photographs will be all they have of you.

      I know as a mum myself how many photos I find myself missing from, or as the professional how often it is me behind the camera. For me sometimes just getting all the children together can be a challenge on its own. 
      I know all this, but everyone deserves at least one good photo to cherish with their mum and if only I had the chance for one last photo with my mum, I would grab it with both hands.

      This is also a great opportunity to capture that bond that is building between you and your child. 

    • It’s important you know this isn’t all about buying new outfits and having to look perfect!
      This mini session is all about you and your child/children making memories, snuggling up to you and capturing you all just as you are because that’s how they love you the best.

      So here at Rachael Phillips Photography, I'm giving you the chance to do something that I sadly can't and that's getting a beautiful photo to cherish with your mum Or mums, I'm giving you the chance for some beautiful photos with your child.
      You can never have too many beautiful photos with people you love the most.

      I've made these very affordable for everyone, so take advantage!

      There will be limited spaces and only a deposit will secure your slot.

      I will be setting up a date for 'Daddy and Me' very soon.

    •  There will be two dates available to choose from and slots are limited.

      TUESDAY 27TH JULY 2021

      WEDNESDAY 28TH JULY 2021

      The cost is £99 and is required when booking
      This will give you your session of 30 minutes + 3 digital images + 3 matching complimentary prints.

      You will be invited back about a week later to choose your photos.

      If you have more than 4 children then please let me know before booking as the backdrop may have to change to accommodate.


      This session is purely for Mummy and her child/children/furbaby.
      If you are a step mum, then yes, that also means you!
      If you are pregnant then yes, that also means you!

      If you are a mummy to a furbaby then yes! we can do mummy and her fur baby, but Sadly we cant mix children and fur babies in a mini session, there just isn't enough time, But if this is something you really want then please contact me and we can arrange a full session to accommodate your needs.

    • If you would love a Mummy and Me session but you're not available on those dates set for mini sessions, these can also available as a full session. Contact me for more information.