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My baby is over two weeks old; is this to old for newborn photos?

When researching for a newborn photographer, you’ll quickly discover that many photographers only offer newborn shoots for babies under two weeks old or even younger. In fact, some photographers may prefer an even narrower window and will want to photograph your baby when they are less than ten days old.

You may be wondering when the best time is to schedule your newborn photo shoot. After all, how can you book a photo shoot for your baby if you don’t know when they’ll arrive?
I have now started to offer a newborn mini session, this is perfect for babies up to 8 weeks.

So, what happens if you miss the two-week window? 

Have your chances of getting some beautiful, professional photos of your new baby vanished?

Not necessarily, It may not be too late depending on your baby’s age. ill try to explain:

So the three most common questions,

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Why is it best to book in advance?

Booking a newborn photoshoot in advance is important because I only take on a limited amount of studio work in a month and I will schedule in other work as well as my personal life around your due date so you can rest assured we won’t miss out, so please plan so I can guarantee you a slot.

Newborns will only mimic the womb for so long and these much-loved poses become much harder to achieve as they get bigger and don’t want to curl up or sleep as much.

Many families begin to consider a newborn photoshoot after their baby is born, if you find yourself in this situation, then you are not alone.

If your baby has already been born, please contact me to enquire about any last-minute availability.

If other babies arrive earlier or later than expected, I may be able to squeeze you in, but it’s never guaranteed.

If your baby has already passed the ‘two-week window,’ you don’t have to miss out.
I do photograph ‘older newborn’ babies on a regular basis and also offer an Older Newborn Session that focuses on newborn photographs suitable for babies aged up to 8 weeks, but keep in mind that will be a slightly different set-up and posing as if they were under two weeks.

See the example below.↓

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Why is this two-week window for newborn photography so critical?

So, what is the significance of this two-week window, and what changes after two weeks make posed newborn photography so difficult?

So, the two-week window is more of a guideline than a must-do rule.
When a new baby is under two weeks, they will typically spend long periods of time sleeping and will naturally enjoy spending time in the foetal position, which results in them being comfortable in newborn photography poses; after all, these types of poses are what we all love and want to achieve whenever possible.

You could have missed the two-week window for a variety of reasons. :

  • You may have spent an extended period of time in the hospital because you or your child requires additional care following the birth.
  • Premature births may necessitate an extended hospital stay.
  • You didn’t have time to plan a photo shoot before your child was born.
  • The photographer becoming ill or having to reschedule the session.

Lots of different reasons, and that’s okay. But being a photographer myself I would have engaged with you prior to booking and built up a bit of a relationship, so I will know about a few of these things in advance and I can try to accommodate.

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What are our options if our baby is older than two weeks and we still want professional newborn photographs?

Babies typically begin to spend longer periods of time awake after two weeks, uncurl, stretch out, and grow larger.

As these changes occur, it becomes more likely that a baby will be unable to perform some of those much-loved poses you will see on my website and socials and will normaly spend a greater proportion of the shoot awake.

A lot depends on your baby’s age, weight, and whether or not they arrived early or late.
We can still create beautiful photos if your baby is more awake and alert, but they will be less posed and more awake.
So, if this is something you’re interested in, give us a call and we can go over the details.
Another option is to wait until your baby is a little older and book a sitter session.

This is when your baby can sit unsupported and we can experiment with different poses and props. You may also bring any special items you wish to include in the photographs.

This type of session is ideal for capturing milestones and creating beautiful memories to cherish. Some parents will have this along with a newborn to capture their baby’s growth and progression. After all, they aren’t babies forever, so make sure to capture those moments.